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Queue Management System

Hospital Queue Management is all about getting the customer in and out of your healthcare facility as quick as possible in an orderly and systemic manner, so that the patients who are either in pain or frail health feel contented about being taken care of. This has a positive impact on the customer’s service experience. For the administration department, it can be a tool to control and steer the flow of customers during peak hours.

Improving the time and way people queue in a hospital is an important contributor to patient satisfaction. Mediware Queue Management System makes use of devices like ticket dispenser, counter display, pole display, token display system, and proprietary algorithms to direct patients at important outlets like registration, billing counter, laboratory, radiology, pharmacy etc

Client Profile

Lourdes Hospital is one of Kochi's most trusted healthcare providers over the last 43 years. The Hospital has 650 beds including 120 beds in ICUs.

Problem Statment

Lourdes approached Datamate to develop a revolutionary patient interface for outpatients at their Hospital for avoiding long queues and chaos. It was apparent that people attending Lourdes outpatient departments were not being attended to adequately or efficiently at peak intake times.

Lourdes hospital needed an innovative and smart solution from Mediware, one that was capable of smoothing out the outpatient traffic by managing the outpatient queuing process


With Mediware QMS Lourdes is now able to better control the patient traffic and optimize the hospital resources. This innovative system has completely changed the way that patients move through the Outpatient clinics at the Hospital. Lourdes now benefit from efficient data management and the systematic tracking of outpatients, which in turn has freed up staff time for productive

Before Mediware QMS After
Average waiting time 2 hours Mediware Counter Display shows up the current patient number being served so that the patient can estimate his waiting time. Mediware queue management system has reduced the queue completely, greatly reducing stress for staff and ensuring a more pleasant experience for patients.
Waiting area cannot afford the number of people crowded in there When the patient knows his wait hours are longer, he can be engaged in some other activities such as visiting the hospital cafeteria in the meantime and come back at a later time. No overcrowding in the outpatient waiting area
More than anticipated number of patients with same number of doctors assigned on duty. With Mediware Ticket Dispensing System in place, the hospital staff get a measure of ticket volume dispensed to patients and can anticipate the need for additional doctors. Doctor patient ratio is optimal.
At times, overcrowding led to patients using their personal connections with hospital staff and doctors to bypass the queues. When token system is in place, the patients can only be served with a valid token number. There are no short cuts. Patients visit the doctor only when their token number is called.
Frustrated patients This new system has vastly improved the wait time and general efficiency at Lourdes Hospital. Happy patients


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